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My wish is for a stressless night...

I got into work and heard that they were writing people up for being late, but I don't have to worry about that. I'm never late. Angie got written up for something, though, and let at like 6 so tracie had to cover photo (which was swamped) so already me, Tracie, and Mr. F were all stressed out. Then I had to do my list which was nothing but cleaning. I swear, nobody has cleaned under the cartwells since I left ... it was so dusty and dirty that even the mop dind't clean it. That wasn't so bad.

Then came the 3 overrings in five minutes. One for ... I forgot the reason, but I think she dind't want the stuff. The next one the check wasn't working, but the THIRD one really got me ticked. This lady wasted HALF AN HOUR of my time for this too. First she had to explain what a coupon was. Yes, lady, I know what a fucking coupon does. THEN she proceeded to explain what she wanted and that it was on sale. YES I know it is on sale. Then she wanted to see if she could substitue it. Then she complained that the TOTAL SALE was a mail-in-rebate. So, after I rang up the fucking purchase, she wlaked out and said "I don't want this."

I went to lunch after that, I needed some kind of headache stuff. But, when I go to lunch, I find that somebody had been taking my cokes. I had a twelve pack, right? I had two the first night and offered one to Nancy, Tracie and Mr F. Only Tracie took one, so that's three. The next time I had two more. That's five. I go there tonight to find out that all of them are gone except four. WHERE THE FUCK DID MY OTHER FOUR GO?! I swear I was so pissed off! I barely had enough money as it was! They didn't need to go and take what wasn't theirs in the first fucking place! So I took my two cokes (after one for dinner and one for the floor) and put them in my locker. Now I have to spend the last bit of my money to get something to drink.

Then I got back from lunch an continued my cleaning duties. By the time ten o'clock rolled around, my hands were shaking horribly from the stress. x.x You guys might nto think it stressful just reading this, but believe me, this night sucked as soon as I walked through that door to work...

Yeah, and I got home to have my dad drunk. Not the 'I'm going to hit you' drunk (he never is) but the 'LOOK I'M AN ASSHOLE! WATCH ME DANCE!' drunk...

EBBY!!!!! I thought you'd be on T_T

Oh, have a nice trip Eric-kun!

and I made this for all who are in retail or have to deal with annoying costomers...

Customers Suck
Sometimes, customers just suck.
We that work in retail know of this.
If you work in retail, click here and add this banner to your site.
We all know that sometimes, a customer just needs a good kick in the ass...

[Arigato Neo!]
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