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AMV pimpage

--Teien no Hana
comments: Shahni sent me the song for this one and I really loved it, so I wanted to do something with it other than play it over and over again in my WinAmp. So I opened my movie maker thing and put it in, then decided to make it this sweet little AMV with some of my favorite scenes from the AMVs I already had. That soon changed to just strictly a Prince of Tennis AMV and I am honestly happy with the results ^_^ I hope you enjoys it ^^

--One Random AMV
comments: Okay, I was bored, so sue me. I as listening to my music list when the Orphen opening came on and I had ideas flash through my head. Since I'm not all that talented at making AMVs, it turned out pretty much the opposite of what I wanted. There is one mistake that I"m too lazy to correct (there's a flash of the opening title of an AMV I was getting a scene from), but it kinda fits with my randomness. There are seven different scenes, each hosting a different anime/j-rock group. First its Dream performing Get over (only I took the music off the background), then Prince of Tennis, Final Fantasy, Princess Mononoke, Naruto, Hikaru no Go, and finally Two-Mix's music viedo from their song Truth. I was bored, sue me, that is my One Random AMV. ^_^

--Banana Phone
comments: I was completely bored and needed something to do! Neo sent me the song and I had this crazy idea floating in my head, so I went out and looked for Weiss Kreuz stuff. I found one AMV (wasn't good, but it had what I wanted) and so I threw in some random junk here and there. *gasp* I actually have FinalFantasy stuff in here! My credits are always fun to read and I add things here and there. In this, make sure you wait until it is over not halfway through. There's a message at the end. This includes Weiss kreuz, Hikaru no Go, Final Fantasy, Prince of Tennis, Dream, Truth, and I believe that's it.

--All About The Credits
comments:I was going to do like movies do and put in footage next to my credits, kinda like deleted scenes and random stuff, but it didn't work. So instead, I just screwed around in my movie maker until this came. It's a little perverted Hikaru no Go stuff from episode 60. Well, the words aren't perverted until now since I've left the subtitles up and just ... added some things. But it is all about my credits. I took most fun in creating those this time around than anything else. You definatly have to read them here, at the end. ^^ I still like this the most, though, out of all my AMVs ^_^

So that is my AMV pimpage. If you watch them, I wouldn't mind comments ^^
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