Angel of Death (dertodesengel) wrote,
Angel of Death

Because I am as dorky as everybody else...

Okay, alot of people have been making icons ... but what of banners? Behold, banner...

Because I survived the LJ blackout of 2005...

I had no journal for two days ... I am glad to have it back. *hugs* I love you LiveJournal, may I never take advantage of you again.

Comment if you're taking. ^_^
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Totally taking. ^_^
hahaha i can picture myself wearing a shirt that says i survived the 2005 LJ blackout.
HAHA! me too!
oh, now I want one!


9 years ago

Very cute j-chan. :)
I'm taking =^_^=
I stole it! but you already knew that...*hangs head*
i wanted to apologize for melyssa, shes got a wicked temper that tends to start some internet drama ^^;; i'm the calm one, i swear. its just difficult to keep her in check considering i'm in New Jersey and shes in Cali. :-p i hope you aren't too offended and continue to vote and enter icons. ^_^
oh no x.x it was my fault at first. I can understand wicked tempers and whatnot. I'll continue to enter as long as I've got inspiration^^

Don't worry, I love internet drama too x.x
hee. I love FMA.

mad at chu.
mad at me?
Mmm, is that the same FMA I'm thinking of?


11 years ago

I'm definately taking that banner. Thank you much!
Snagged the banner
I just saw your banner on someone else's info, so I must take it. :)
Ha, totally taking it!
That's totally in my info :)
Way to not just take it off of my user page!
Oh brother!


10 years ago

Wow, I just now found this, but I wanted to comment to let you know I snagged it. That's brilliant.
So kewl. =) Taking, thanks!
nicking! :D (found this through 'I have a Livejournal' on Facebook!!)
Haha, I'm part of that community! And kind of curious as to where you found it on there... I haven't been able to look through it all. XD
you left a comment with a link to this post on one of the pictures! :)


9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago